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Vote Bob Anthony

Republicans will elect Oklahoma’s next Corporation Commissioner in a winner take all primary election, June 26.

Longtime watchdog public servant, Bob Anthony, is being challenged by a former Oklahoma Corporation Commission staffer, Brooks Mitchell.

Commissioner Anthony’s opponent, while serving as the director of the petroleum storage tank division, implemented some of the strictest rules in the Continental United States! 

Division six, of the EPA, is proud of Anthony's opponent adopting nearly all of the their recommendations. Mitchell has done more to hurt rural Oklahoma business than any other individual bureaucrat, state or federal agency! 

During Mitchell's reign of overregulation, he created a Third Reich mentality, that continues today, releasing his S.S. Hitler youth officers across the state to implement his stringent rules and regulations!

If you want more big government, more rules and regulations then vote for Bob Anthony’s opponent! But, if you strive for a straight-talking, practical common sensed public servant - Vote Bob Anthony! 

Bob Anthony has demonstrated honesty and integrity by leading the corruption fight back when the corporation commission was used as a tool for special interest groups. He worked undercover with law enforcement exposing cronyism at the regulatory commission.

In fact, the FBI has recognized Commissioner Anthony with its highest award given to “a citizen who, at great personal sacrifice, has unselfishly served his community, state and nation.” 

Another prestigious award was presented to Anthony in 2006 “in appreciation of his tireless efforts on behalf of Oklahoma consumers.”

Anthony knows Oklahoma and Oklahoman’s know him! Over the past 10 years, in 2000, he got more votes in Oklahoma - 771,609 - than any other candidate, including US president, when he was reelected for a third term on the corporation commission.

Before tackling utility regulation, Commissioner Anthony was president of the family’s ready-to-wear C.R. Anthony stores that had locations all across Oklahoma and six states.

No other candidate has better qualifications! Anthony has proven he’s financially literate in the business arena. He’s a proven public servant with impeccably high ethical standards. He’s no extremist and he has no hidden agendas or skeletons lurking in his closet. Bob Anthony has the ability to make things clearer than the truth!

We like Anthony’s proven - business, public servant and wholesome family - track record. He merits Major County’s support!

Now is not the time for Oklahoma’s GOP to be changing horses in the middle of the stream - Anthony merits our support!

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Submitted By: AnonymusSubmitted: 4/28/2012
I believe that all the houses that they are condeming is not right. Where do they exspect everyone to live? They are kicking families out on the streets, and I don't believe that is right! They work hard for what they have, and the city is just wanting to take that away. If the city wants the town to grow then why are they condeming these houses and making people leave Fairview? I understand that they want to bring in new homes but what if people cant afford to buy them. There are no rent houses in Fairview anymore and if one comes up everyone in town is fighting for them.

Submitted By: Mike EubanksSubmitted: 9/20/2012
My grandfather was George Eubanks, who taught and coached at Fairview for years and years. The football field is named after him. My father, Bill Eub anks, who is deceased, was also from Fairview until he went to Tulsa on a football scholarship in the late 40's. Needless to say, I keep up with Fairview closely. I was elated to see the Fairview teacher chosen as teacher of the year! What an honor for Fairview and all of the school system. Just wanted to say congratulations and my entire family is very proud of it's Fairview ties.

Submitted By: Lorna MillerSubmitted: 2/27/2013
We have just had a huge winter storm and Fairview and Northwest Oklahoma has received more snow than these towns are equipped to effectively deal with. I know this. My family and I left Fairview because we didn't have any electricity or cell phone service and we all needed showers. We left Tuesday afternoon and came back late Wednesday morning so the kids could at least make it back for afternoon classes at school. The disappointment that I felt when we turned west off Main Street on Central and then on to our north-south running street was great. I had to use my four wheel drive just to get down my street and into my drive way. Of course, when I took my girls to school we crossed Main Street and BAM! Miracle, the residential streets were actually two lane and relatively clear. What is the deal? I understand there are limited resources and limited equipment but come on...why are residential alley ways being cleared on the East side of this town before the residential STREETS are being cleared on the West side of town? My family and I joke frequently that we live in the Fairview ghetto, but apparently that is not as much of a joke as we think. Great job city leaders!!!

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