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Senior Living

More than a million Americans are unaware they are infected with a potentially life-threatening virus
Learn more about hepatitis C and what is being done to cure it.
Retired but not tired: the four things every senior-preneur must do
Entrepreneurship can happen at any age. Learn what you need to know before taking the leap in retirement.
Seniors: Safety tips to help you weather summer storms and heat
Seniors can take steps to protect themselves from summer storm risks.
Are You Prepared to Take a 30-Year Vacation?
Get ready for what could be the longest vacation of your life
6 easy ways to boost your brain health
Here are six ways to boost your brain health.
5 money tips for safe international travel
Planning to traveling internationally. Protect your money with these tips.
Important information to help protect seniors from summer heat
Steps seniors can, and should, take to protect themselves from summer heat and sun.
Americans finding creative and inspiring ways to raise funds for Alzheimer's cause
Alzheimers affects millions of Americans, but creative fundraisers are helping support research to fight the disease.
What you think you know about Social Security may be totally wrong
What you think you know about Social Security may be totally wrong - and could cost you during your retirement.
When memories are fleeting: caregiver solutions
Find ways to manage your stress as a caregiver so you can offer the best possible care to your parent.
4 simple ways to protect yourself from cardiovascular disease
You can take simple yet effective steps to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.
Happy and healthy how-tos from 100-year-olds, 10-year-olds
A survey finds key takeaway for staying active, feeling positive and embracing the present.
From grab bars with style to gorgeous anti-slip floors, aging in place looks better than ever
Home upgrades to support aging in place now look better than ever.
Empty nesters, boost home value and your spirits with savvy, appealing improvements
Sad now that the nest is empty? Feel better with some home improvements just for you.
5 simple time-tested tips for aging well
Learn more about today's health renaissance taking place in America.
8 simple tips to designing safe living spaces for seniors
Learn how easy it is to create a safe living space for the seniors in your life.
Budgeting tips to keep your golden years golden
Make sure you have enough saved for your retirement by incorporating these saving ideas.
The hottest 'new' health remedy that's been around forever: chili pepper
From relieving migraines to fighting cancer, the humble chili pepper packs a lot of power.
Mysterious, life-altering condition: What everyone should know about Myasthenia Gravis
What everyone should know about Myasthenia Gravis.
4 amazing ways wireless technology is transforming health care
Wireless technology has changed the way we take care our health.
How men and women experience retirement differently
Learn about the differences between men and women's retirement experiences.
Tackle high blood pressure to prevent and control this silent killer
Learn more about easy ways to treat your high blood pressure.
Summer like a celebrity: 4 easy ways to go boating
4 great ways to go boating on a budget
Being able to continue work creates better lives for dialysis patients
Being able to work makes a big difference in how well dialysis patients cope.
The 5 bad behaviors that may be derailing your retirement savings
Are you engaging in these five behaviors that can derail your retirement planning?
Gout, just a pain in the big toe? Think again. Debunking 4 myths that overshadow the seriousness of gout
Gout -- it's not just for old men. Get the facts about this painful, most common form of inflammatory arthritis.
7 tips for choosing the right pair of hearing aids
For the 40 million suffering from irritable bowel syndrome a better diagnosis awaits
Learn about treatment options for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
From CreakyJoints to diagnostic Power: Woman excited about new patient-led arthritis database
See where people of any age can turn for inflammatory arthritis support.
How you can give back to those who gave everything
Learn more about the Purple Heart Foundation and the programs it supports that help veterans everywhere.
3 costly mistakes baby boomers make with Medicare
Don't make these three costly mistakes when selecting Medicare coverage
Prostate cancer test can help patients avoid overtreatment
A prostate cancer diagnosis can be shocking and scary, but there are ways to help ease anxiety and uncertainty around treatment options.
Could immunotherapy be a cure for cancer?
Does the cure for cancer lie in immunotherapy?
Quality dialysis care matters: It's the difference between life and death
Dialysis patients can now easily find quality care anywhere in the country.
Disability insurance: why what you don't know can hurt you
Learn more about disability insurance and why it's important for you.
Working to improve the heart health of African American women
Advice for African American women to help reduce heart disease risks.
Taking aim at the leading health risk for American Indians
Advice for American Indians to reduce heart disease risks.
Don't let long-term care needs spring up on you - plan ahead
Time to talk: 70 percent of people over 65 will need some form of long-term care.
The workout that works for seniors of all ages and mobility levels: resistance training
Resistance training is a great option for seniors of all health and mobility levels.
5 exotic summer vacations that are a steal due to the strong dollar
Looking for travel opportunities that stretch your dollar? Give these locations a try.
Understanding Multiple Myeloma
Learning more about multiple myeloma through research may help patients feel more empowered and informed.
Dry eye affects most menopausal women; nutrition can help
There's one symptom that's often forgotten when menopausal hormones begin to fluctuate - dry eye.
Health trumps wealth in importance to retirees' well-being
Think wealth is the most important thing to retirees? Think again.
New treatments offer hope to elders with macular degeneration
What is the future with people who have AMD? Find out.
Cultivating financial confidence: Study finds women have more to learn when it comes to retirement planning
For women, managing long-term finances may be taking a back seat to short-term priorities.
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