Fairview Arts & Education Center Receives Storm Damage

Fairview Board of Education Members met during an Emergency Meeting June 26, to discuss extensive damage at the Arts and Education Center after severe storms June 23-24.

Following a couple rounds of storms that occurred throughout the early morning hours of June 23, a large portion of the soffit material over the entrance way to the auditorium collapsed to the ground below.

Superintendent Craig Church said it appears the damage occurred in two phases. During the first storm June 23, he said it appears the roof raised up a little and when it came back down, the roof drains didn’t line up.

That cause water to run and pool on the soffits, leading to their collapse. At the same time, it appears the duralast style roof probably split, and then when the next round of storms hit June 24, it finished ripping the rest of the roofing material.

As a result, water also pooled over the sound room, causing the ceiling to give way which allowed large amounts of water to flow through the rest of the auditorium.

Damage that occurred besides the roof, consists of carpet, drywall and sound equipment.

Superintendent Church also told members that repair crews said most likely all new duct work for the heat and air will have to be installed as well.

Along with the new duct work, it will be necessary for crews to take down all the ceiling tiles and tile grid, so crews can have access to the areas they have to repair.

It was also noted by Superintendent Church that the elementary suffered roof and water damage as well. The roof leak at the elementary also damaged portions of the drywall inside a couple of classrooms.

There was also roof damage and leaks at the middle school gym as well.

Members made and approved a motion to give Superintendent Church the authority  to hire a company and personnel needed to make the repairs to the auditorium.

Prior to the meeting starting, Superintendent Church stated the reason for the Emergency Meeting being called, is because a regular/special meeting require 48 hours notice before a meeting can be held. Furthermore, a regular/special meeting required the board to advertise for bids for the repair work, with the process taking approximately 21 days.

However, with an Emergency Meeting, board members are able to appoint someone immediately to begin the repair work. At the discretion of the insurance company, an Emergency Meeting was deemed necessary to prevent further damage to the structure and possibly prevent injury to individuals working around the building as well.

It was noted by Superintendent Church that Blackman Mooring was brought in by the insurance company to begin the cleanup process early in the morning June 24.

Initial estimates on repair costs are expected to exceed $250,000.

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