Eight drivers post victories in nine features, Race Elliott repeats

Travis Baird scored the IMCA Stock Car win in the June 15 make up race, which was held July 27 at Longdale Speedway.

Race Elliott scored the Intermediate Sport Mod win in the June 15 make up race, which was held July 27 at Longdale Speedway.

Brandon Kenny scored the IMCA Sport Mod win in regularly scheduled race July 27 at Longdale Speedway.

Freddy McCoy scored the IMCA Sport Mod win in the June 15 make up race, which was held July 27 at Longdale Speedway.

Mark Smith scored the Pure Stock win in regularly scheduled race July 27 at Longdale Speedway.

R.C. Whitwell scored the Modified win in regularly scheduled race July 27 at Longdale Speedway.

Race Elliott scored the Intermediate Sport Mod win in regularly scheduled race July 27 at Longdale Speedway.

Landon Maddox scored the IMCA Stock Car win in regularly scheduled race July 27 at Longdale Speedway.

Dustin Allen scored the Modified win in the June 15 make up race, which was held July 27 at Longdale Speedway.


A lot was on the line for competitors at Longdale Speedway July 27, as the night featured make up A Features from June 15 for the four of the five regular classes.

With four classes having two A Features to run, the stakes were high as it meant double points were on the line for the evening in the midst of extremely close points battles among all five classes.

In the make up Intermediate Sport Mod A Feature, Rhett Gambill lead the field to the green flag and held his spot out front until he spun from the lead in turn three on lap eight to bring out the caution.

Dustin Schoonover inherited the lead after Gambill’s misfortune but Race Elliott stormed to the point on the restart as he went on to capture the victory.

Schoonover crossed the line second followed by Leon Ramirez, Makayla Rauschenberg and Gambill.

As has been the case most of the season the IMCA Stock Cars provided the crowd with intense racing during their makeup A Feature.

In the end, it was Travis Baird capturing the win in the hotly contested race.

Landon Maddox finished second followed by Seth Eldridge, Donald Kaup and Steve Blunk.

The exciting action spilled over to the IMCA Sport Mod make up A Feature as well.

Troy Bynum and Freddy McCoy crossed the line neck and neck to complete lap one as Mike Roach rallied from the back of the pack to find himself mixing it up with the lead duo within the race’s first few laps.

The closing laps saw Roach and McCoy swapping the lead every single corner, with Roach running the low groove to gain an advantage in turns 1-2 while McCoy had the advantage running the top shelf through turns 3-4.

As the two raced to the checkered flag, it was McCoy beating Roach to the line by about half a car length.

Roach crossed the line second followed by Bynum, Joe Adams and Daylon Bergeron.

Hunter McDonald lead the opening circuit of the Modified make up A Feature before Dustin Allen snared the lead on lap two.

Allen was unphased by two cautions in the race as went on to post the victory.

McDonald held on for second followed by Jessie Hoskins, Kris Miller and John Bossa.

With the make up A Features completed, the focus shifted back to regular scheduled races for July 27.

Heat race winners were: Matthew Smith and Damon Seiger in Pure Stocks; Rhett Gambill, Intermediate Sport Mod; Brandy Kenny, IMCA Sport Mod; Landon Maddox, IMCA Stock Cars; and R.C. Whitwell, Modifieds.

The Pure Stock division A Feature saw the dominance of father and son duo Mark and Matthew Smith continue.

It was the elder Smith leading lap one while his son Matthew stormed from seventh to take over second place by the completion of the second lap.

Despite a valiant effort, Matthew was unable to reel in his father over the race’s final 18 laps.

The pair would go on to capture their fourth consecutive 1-2 finish between Longdale Speedway and Enid Speedway.

Seiger scored third place followed by Brodie Howard and Korey Vendetti.

Cautions were the name of the game in the Intermediate Sport Mod A Feature as Flagman Tommy Mitch had a workout as he showed the field the yellow flag more than eight times in the first 15 laps.

When the dust cleared and the field settled, it was Elliott capturing his second checkered flag on the evening.

Austin Sessions posted his best finish of the season in second followed by Schoonover, Ramirez and Chris Golden.

Exciting action was again in store for the start of the IMCA Stock Car A Feature as the first three laps saw three different leaders. Donald Kaup set the pace leading lap one before Kevin Flock took over out front on lap two.

Maddox made his way to the point and lap three and was able to withstand constant pressure from Flock over the next 17 laps to score his first win of the season at Longdale Speedway.

Flock captured second followed by Tyler Scruggs, Baird and Kaup.

Brandon Kenny quickly raced to the lead from his fourth starting position to lead the first lap of the IMCA Sport Mod A Feature.

Makeup A Feature winner Freddy McCoy was running third when he pounded the concrete wall in turn 3 at the race’s midway point but the race remained green.

Kenny was undaunted by four cautions in the race as he captured the checkered flag.

Joe Adams crossed the line second followed by Jonathon Morgan, Daylon Bergeron and Denver Howard.

Just like the IMCA Stock Cars, the Modifieds saw three different leaders in the first three laps.

Dustin Allen set the pace leading the first lap before Hunter McDonald took over on lap two.

R.C. Whitwell made his way to the front on lap 3 before the caution was displayed on lap five for a single car spin in turn 3 on lap five.

A lap after the restart saw a scary moment for Allen as he slammed the wall hard off turn two while running third.

Following the caution and brief red flag, Whitwell went on to post the victory followed by Greg Burt, Hunter McDonald, Jessie Hoskins and Kris Miller.

After the evening of racing, the Top 5 in points for each class are:

Pure Stocks – Tony Sessions, Cleo Springs, first; Damon Seiger, Hennessey, and Korey Vendetti, Hennessey, tied for second, nine points behind; Skylar McCall, Hennessey, fourth, 16 points behind; and Matthew Smith, Hennessey, fifth, 19 points behind.

Intermediate Sport Mods – Leon Ramirez, Woodward, first; Makayla Rauschenberg, Carrier, second, three points behind; Chris Golden, Elk City, third, seven points behind; Race Elliott, Clinton, fourth, 30 points behind; Austin Sessions, Longdale, fifth, 45 points behind.

IMCA Sport Mods – Joe Adams, Drumond, first; Mike Roach, Woodward, second, three points behind; Daylon Bergeron, Woodward, third, 12 points behind; Freddy McCoy, Woodward, fourth, 39 points behind; Denver Howard, Woodward and Trevin King, Enid, tied for fifth, 42 points behind.

IMCA Stock Cars – Travis Baird, Sharon, first; Landon Maddox, Fairview, second, five points behind; Tyler Scruggs, Hennessey, third, six points behind; Steve Blunk, Enid, fourth, 13 points behind; Gary Clift, Aline, fifth, 58 points behind.

Modifieds – Dustin Allen, Enid, first; R.C. Whitwell, Tucson, Ariz., 21 points behind; Hunter McDonald, Oakwood, 31 points behind; Jessie Hoskins, Longdale, fourth, 34 points behind; Scott Edwards, Oklahoma City, fifth, 77 points behind.

Next card of racing will be Aug. 17 and will feature all five regular classes plus East vs West 305 Sprint Cars vs. Champ Sprint Challenge.

Gates will open at 5:30 with racing beginning at 7. Ticket prices will be $20 for adults (military/seniors $15) and kids 12 and under are free. Pit passes will be $35.

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